Contemporary: Décor accessories

Retro Clock

This tribute to the seconds gone by is handcrafted using Sapile wood. Analogue and made to order, time at its most timeless.

Maia Planter Range

Nature and craftsman play off each other to create this refined range, where each planter is meticulously dovetail jointed, with panels finished to showcase natural wood grains.

Maia originates from the goddess of growth and fauna “Maia”.

Metallic Décor

Inspired by the shapesof the sea. These cast bronze salt and pepper shakers are drawn from the sleek sophistication of the Atlantic sailing ships.

Unique decor 1 / Then

Part one of an entrance piece created for an exhibition entitled “Then and Now”. “Then” honours the calabash, an old African milk vessel.

Unique decor 2 / Now

Part two of an entrance piece created for an exhibition entitled “Then and Now”.

“Now” contrasts the modern day, a plastic 2 litre milk bottle.

Butcher Knife Coat Rack

These custom Blades were hand-made and sharpened, highlighted by crafted solid Ash Wood handles. They were mounted on the wall in this Butcher’s Block Style to create a unique and apt Coat Rack for the “Butcher Shop and Grill House” in Green Point, Cape Town.

Love Light

These solid Ashwood candle holders are hand-made for AGD (Architectural Glass Design). They are complimented by a wide variety of up-cycled wine bottle off-cuts, decoratively sand-blasted in a a wide variety of patterns and designs.

Wooden Perfume Compact

These beautiful perfume compacts have been handcrafted from African Black Wood to accommodate beeswax based fragrances.

Steal Frames

Free standing workspace divider. Bringing the outdoors inside for a lovely, fresh working environment.

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