Meet Ryan

From an early age Ryan would spend hours in his Dad’s garage making, breaking and inventing things, between climbing trees and collecting naturally beautiful things. A four-year Diploma in Industrial Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology as well as a year in Mechanical Drafting at the Academy of Drafting directed Ryan’s design journey. Today, after ten years in the industry, Ryan’s style philosophy remains childlike in its simplicity – making the world more naturally beautiful in a way that won’t damage it in the process. His eye for detail, passion for form and obsession with function are the fundamentals behind his ambitions – to create articles of furniture that will be considered classics in time to come. The inspiration behind his work is, and always has been, the design union of straight, geometric lines found in modern day design with the curved, organic textures and shapes found in nature. The result? An inspiring blend of the new and eternal.

Meet Ryan Matchett Design House

Based in Cape Town South Africa, Ryan Matchett has been creating a wide variety of furnishings and décor accessories for lodges, hotels, restaurants and private homes both locally and internationally. Signature pieces have been exported to luxury resorts and designer spaces in the Seychelles, Paris, USA, Holland, Rwanda, Namibia and throughout Africa, as well as the Milan Furniture Fair.

From N Designs, a range of driftwood inspired furniture and lighting, to Contemporary Furniture, each and every product is born out of a design philosophy that is committed to creating beautiful products that are sustainable and eco friendly.

Driftwood Furniture